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My last experience with EMDR had really bad side effects because we pushed too hard I think. I know some of that trauma impacts 100 q things in my life. It would be nice to reprogram that part but I think we are going to focus another direction.

Having different philosophical beliefs on life does not mean you have mental illness or abusive childhood. When I add ACEs Boostrix experienced not on h 3 list it would go over 15-20. When I add the resilience list, which I would definitely 100 q more ways to it, my number is very high.

I also thought to add the number even if the action was limited to a narrow window of time. Therapy, foster care, and defense mechanisms are huge resilience 100 q. I 100 q more resilience factors I had as I go through my Dialectal Behavior Therapy.

I have done CBT and EMDR (EMDR has been life changing for 100 q I have finally figured out medications for my PMDD and continue to face challenges associated 100 q my past history. A majority of my trauma was prior to age 2 so there is really limited memory.

The abuse continued until I was about 17 years old. It is my understanding that the worst was when I was an infant. This makes it very difficult to fully address in a therapeutic setting. I am hyper vigilant in 100 q life and everything I do.

I have never had a successful relationship and have struggled just 100 q get through each month, every month. I refuse to give up though. I have begun accepting I am who I am and that will not change. I have come so far already, from a person who was close to going to 100 q and hanging out with drug dealers to five months shy of my masters degree and just sent two boys to college. I am a survivor and will never give up the fight. I just wanted to share.

By the way i scored and 8 on 100 q ACE EXAM. I 100 q be glad to merge our two pages. I think one support page would be better than two. I have a description written if you would like, and am trying to make the group - what is it called. I would be happy to give up this project. Hope you were able to access my message on facebook eventually. As I mentioned to HealingPilgrim below, while I would more than welcome the opportunity to collaborate, it seems like we might be offering different types of support based on where a survivor 100 q at in their journey.

Look forward to 100 q thoughts on how we might work together. LikeLikeSo grateful for everyone here and the stories shared. I have an ACE Score of 5, resilience of 3. LikeLiked by 1 personHi HealingPilgrim.

Jean is interested in creating a secret facebook group, which I also totally 100 q. I feel they might appeal to different people at different stages in their healing. Grateful I am completely sober. I score a 9 using standard additive scoring. I have drug interactions checker able to have compassion and not look further to family members ofr support, because I feel they simply do not have the psychological or emotional resources.

I had troubles with connecting with people as a child and as I am now my mind is constantly telling me that any stranger on the bus is likely 100 q hurt me. Life is very scary, but medication and counseling have started 100 q help. LikeLikeI am not sure where to comment on this. I had a score of 9on the ace and 6 on the resiliance. But, I am now beginning to realize how badly that all the abuse did effect me.

I am going to be in much prayer and seeking answers. Finally, decided to do sth abou it and started my healing journey few years ago, learning all I could about brain development, PTSD, attachment, etc. Things that help me most: yoga, meditation, mindfulness, writing, CBT, EMDR, self-care. LikeLiked by 1 personOn the ACE test I got 5.

On the true def true not true test I got an 8. Which I would understand from how I did grow up. I hope they can put this into a system to help children sooner rather than later. LikeLikeMy score was 10.



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