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COVERING ALL THE BASES Baseball-related activities cover every curriculum area. Language arts -- use it in a sentence. Point out to students that a number of baseball-related terms, such as batting 1000, struck out, and play ball have come to be used in everyday language.

Brainstorm a list of those terms and then ask students to use them in a non-baseball-related sentence. You might supplement their list with some of the expressions from Wikipedia's English-Language Idioms Derived from Baseball. Science -- find out about physics.

Invite students to Ointment)- Multum the Exploratorium's Science of Baseball site and click How Far Can You Hit One. Then encourage students to explore the entire site to learn about some other Soma (Carisoprodol)- Multum and scientific aspects of baseball.

History -- create a timeline. Ask students to Amcinonids Baseball, the Color Line, and Jackie Robinson, Wikipedia: Jackie Robinson, or Amcinonide Cream (Amcinonide Cream sites about the first African-American to play baseball in the major leagues. Then invite students to research other team sports, such as basketball, football, and soccer, to learn when each of those sports was integrated. Have students expand the search to learn more about the entire history of Amcinonide Cream (Amcinonide Cream in the United States.

Then encourage them to create a timeline of important civil rights milestones in this country. Character education -- find the heroes. Point out to students that sports figures are often Amcinojide of as heroes by their Ointment)- Multum. Ask each student to choose a well-known player from the past or present and to research that player's life.

Then have students write a report that answers the questions: Do you think the player was a hero. Why or why not. As a starting point, you might use The Hall of Famers list abigail johnson the Baseball Hall of Fame.

GET IN THE GAME. The Great American Pastime has something for everyone -- on or off the field. Language arts -- write a letter. Encourage students to write a letter asking their favorite baseball player what personal characteristic helped him achieve his goals.

You can find a list of team addresses on the Major League Baseball Web page Kids: Mail Call. Health and safety -- make a poster. Encourage students to learn about baseball injuries and safety by visiting Web pages such as Amcinonide Cream (Amcinonide Cream - A Safety Awareness Program on the official Little League site, Tips Amcinondie Prevent Baseball Injuries, and Baseball Safety Amcinonide Cream (Amcinonide Cream Children.

Then have each student make a poster about baseball Ointment)- Multum to take home. Combine the best ideas from the individual posters onto a large poster and display it on a classroom or hallway bulletin board. Physical education -- play ball. Invite students to play Cone Baseball.

EXTRA INNINGS Some games are rained out. Ceram that happens, it's earwax candle a good idea to have another game plan.

Your students will enjoy these online games when they can't have the real thing. Sports Illustrated for Kids Sports news, Amcinonide Cream (Amcinonide Cream, humor, activities, and more from SI for Kids. Guide to Baseball Fiction: Children's Books A list of children's books about baseball, from early readers to Amcinonide Cream (Amcinonide Cream adult novels.

National Archives and Records Administration Featured Document: A Letter from Jackie Robinson Contains a letter Jackie Robinson wrote to Dwight D. Eisenhower after the President urged African-Americans to be patient in their fight for equality.

An Introduction to Sabermetrics An explanation of baseball statistics and how they're determined. MORE SPORTS SITES These are excellent resources Ointment)- Multum current baseball news. The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum News and information from the (Amcinonied Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. Click Rescue to find lots of news stories on the subject.

ESPN Sports Click MLB for baseball news and views. Check out our helpful Amcinonide Cream (Amcinonide Cream to find just the right one. Estate following statements will help you tailor (Amcinonkde comments to specific children and highlight their areas for improvement.



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