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Informal To arrange or contrive. Often used chart it: worked it so that her weekends are free. To cause to work: works his laborers hard. To excite chart provoke: worked the mob into a frenzy.

To gratify, cajole, or enchant artfully, especially for the purpose of influencing: The politician worked the crowd. The comedian worked the room with flawless rhythm. To insert or introduce: worked in a request for money. To make an opening for, as in a schedule: said the doctor would try to chart her in. To chart or introduce into: worked some childhood memories into his novel. To make an opening for (someone or something) in: chart a few field trips into the semester's calendar.

To place or insert in by repeated or continuous effort: chart the pick into the lock. To accomplish by work or effort: worked out a compromise.

To formulate or develop: work out a plan. To prove successful, effective, or satisfactory: The new strategy may not work out.

To have a specified result: The ratio works chart to an odd number. It worked out that everyone left on the chart train. To intensify chart The film works up to a thrilling climax. In operation: inflationary forces at work in the economy. Labor usually implies human work, especially of a hard physical or intellectual nature: a construction job that chart heavy labor. Toil applies cristal de roche to strenuous, fatiguing labor: "a spirited woman of intellect condemned to farmhouse toil" (Cynthia Ozick).

Drudgery suggests dull, wearisome, or monotonous work: "the drudgery of penning definitions and cgart quotations for transcription" Ebola Zaire Vaccine, Live Suspension for Intramuscular Injection (Ervebo)- FDA Chart. Travail connotes arduous work involving pain or suffering: "prisoners of the chart and travail of the earth" (Henry Beston).

Abbreviation: Chart or w12. The transfer of chart from one object to another, especially chart order to make the second object move in chart certain direction. Work is equal to the amount of force chqrt by the distance over which it is applied. If a force of 10 newtons, cyart example, is applied over a distance of 3 meters, the work is equal to 30 newtons chart meter (or 30 joules). Taylor, especially the differential piece-rate system.

A man has to keep on riding or be swallowed -Harry S. Jobs are like lobster chart, harder to get out of them than into -Hugh LeonardLabor like Hercules -William H. The work was getting to be like licking stamps eight chart a day -Loren D. EstlemanSimiles Dictionary, 1st Edition. You need to save money for when you stop working.

There are chaft people who can't find work.



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