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Sarah in Exam male physical 2013 talked about dual exceptional giftedness and ADD. These so go hand in hand- I have seen it a dozen times or more. I am excited c o c a i n e look up the suggested study on it. LikeLikePingback: Taking Surveys For Money For Kids - SurveysAce: 10 Resiliency: 2 (This is hard for someone who lived in 42 foster homes and aged out at 18 to calculate).

Age: 30 Gender: female Education: Exam male physical Smoker: No Drink: Socially Depressed: yes Suicidal tendencies: attempted once in childhood, once at 26. I experienced a great deal of abuse before and in foster exam male physical, but I think what has screwed me up the most is the foster care experience of bouncing around, never belonging, being rejected repeatedly.

LikeLikeThanks for adding your experience, Cricket. You are one very strong woman to have survived so much. We have enough to deal with in the hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and floods that Mother Nature throws at us to test our mettle. LikeLikePingback: Grassroots ChangeName: Frances Allen Age: 22 Smoker: Yes Resiliency Score: 7 Ace score: exam male physical Mental health: depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, add and ocd.

Currently married with no kids yet. Thanks for adding your story. The resilience score gets at a couple of things - understanding that you had some support as a child, which helps ameliorate the effects of ACEs. And understanding how to build some or more resilience into your life now. Survived a single episode of chilhood molest by stranger around age 4 to 7. Disclosure took 6 or 7 years. Exam male physical lump with low education level for 2 years and 5 years.

Parents on bad term. Abusive emotionally, verbally, physical. Financial difficulties consistent through growing up. Chronic feeling of low health constant going to docs. LikeLikePingback: Oh how I loath thee, yet thou is not worth thin energy. Do i need help and if so where can i exam male physical this help for free. LikeLikeIf you feel you could use exam male physical help, you could use some help.

There are also online resources, ranging from adult children of alcoholics to people who are struggling with the effects of verbal abuse. Have you exam male physical mentioned disabled persons, exam male physical I was trained about disabled persons and abuse, stalking and sexual abuse.

There were not edit boxes for the survey. How do you feel these out. LynneLikeLikeHi, Lynne: Thank you for exam male physical comment. The point of the ACE Study is exam male physical trauma is common and, if there is no intervention, it can have lifelong consequences.

Upon readiing Byron Katie, Brene Brown, Gianvi (Drospirenone/Ethinyl Estradiol)- FDA by Dr. Rosenberg, Tara Brach, Eckhart Tolle I have been gently shaken awake by the hands of GOD. Also, reading and going to ACA meetings, Michael Singer, Michael Brown and upcoming authors like Pia Mellody, Pema Chodron, etc.

LikeLikeCK1224: I agree and find the work of the folks you cite and exam male physical others to be VERY valuable along with what is coming out of the developing social neuroscience perspectives. I do my best to integrate exam male physical in my work with adults who receive behavioral health services in community settings.

Much of the work in Arizona is focused on children and families which is so needed. A few other people to check in with are: John H. Lee, Jacqueline Small, Sherry Mead, …. Thank you for your post.



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