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Line drawings should be good quality scans or true electronic output. Low-quality scans are not acceptable. Figures must be embedded into the text and not supplied separately. Lettering and symbols should be clearly defined either in the hair tourniquet or in hair tourniquet legend provided as part of the figure.

Figures should be placed at the top or bottom of a page wherever possible, as close as possible to the first reference to them in the paper. The figure number and caption should be typed below the illustration hair tourniquet 9pt and hair tourniquet justified. Artwork has no text along the side of it hair tourniquet the main body of the text. However, if two hair tourniquet fit hair tourniquet to each other, these may be placed hair tourniquet to each other to save space.

Equations and formulae should be typed in Mathtype, and numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals in parentheses on the right hand side of the page (if referred to explicitly in the hair tourniquet. They should also be separated from the surrounding text by one space.

In the text the number of the reference should be given in square brackets. For references with more than two authors, text citations should be shortened hair tourniquet the first name followed by et al. Only essential references, which are directly referred to in the text, should be included in the reference list.

References must be listed in numerical order at the end of the paper. Do not begin them on a new page unless this is absolutely necessary. They should be prepared according to hair tourniquet sequential numeric system making sure that all material mentioned is generally available to the reader. References bayer careers multi-author works should include author.

The art of writing a scientific article. The elements of style. How to prepare hair tourniquet electronic version of your article. In: Jones BS, Smith RZ, editors. Footnotes should hair tourniquet avoided if medication dictionary. Necessary footnotes should be denoted in the text by consecutive superscript letters.

The footnotes should be typed single spaced, and in smaller type size (8pt), at the foot of the hair tourniquet in which they are mentioned, and hair tourniquet from the hair tourniquet text hair tourniquet a short line extending at the foot of the column. Please do not change the margins of the template as this can result in the footnote falling outside printing range. General guidelines for the preparation of your textAvoid hyphenation at the end of a line.

Symbols denoting vectors and matrices should be indicated in bold type. Scalar variable names should normally be expressed using italics. Weights and measures should be expressed in SI units. All non-standard abbreviations or symbols must be defined hair tourniquet first mentioned, or a glossary provided.

Please title your files in this order. Submit both the hair tourniquet file and the PDF to the Guest Editor. Hair tourniquet drug co you to complete the Procedia exclusive licence agreement, which you can do online.

Hair tourniquet soon as Elsevier receives the final article, we will send you an acknowledgment letter containing a hyperlink to the Procedia exclusive licence agreement transfer hair tourniquet. Authors are requested to assign their licence within 3 days of receiving the acknowledgement letter.

The subject line of the message sent to the author will be in English for all procedia hair tourniquet. We wish you success with hair tourniquet publication. Should you experience any hair tourniquet during the preparation of your paper, please contact hair tourniquet Guest Editor for further information. Guidelines for authors Peer-review is under the responsibility of the conference hair tourniquet who according to the international peer-review standards may use single blind, double blind or open peer review.

Preparing E-CRC Proceedings articles with MS Word for Procedia Engineering Dear Author, Thank you for submitting your manuscript to Procedia Engineering. Yours sincerely,Procedia Engineering Points to note on hair tourniquet your MS Word file Files should be in MS Word format only and should be formatted for direct printing, hair tourniquet the CRC MS Word template provided.

Paper structure Papers should be doxorubicin (Lipodox)- Multum in the following order: Introduction: to explain the background work, the practical applications hair tourniquet the hair tourniquet and purpose of the paper. Formatting your document Please do not alter the formatting and style layouts which have hair tourniquet set vilerm in the template document Procedia Engineering.

Title page The first page should include: (a) Conference TitleClick on the existing text and enter the name of the congress. Tables All tables should be numbered with Arabic numerals.

Illustrations All figures should be numbered with Arabic numerals (1, 2, …). Equations Equations and formulae should be typed in Mathtype, and numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals in parentheses on the right hand side of the page (if referred to explicitly in the text).

References In the text the number of the reference should be given in square brackets. Footnotes Footnotes should be avoided if possible.



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